Fuel Conditioner 200 ml


• Boosts your car’s power, compression, fuel mileage (mpg) by up to 20+%
• Enables your car to start quickly in chilly climate and produce cleaner gas emissions
• Cleanses your car’s fuel framework (injectors, valves, ports, etc) and keeps the fuel tank and lines water-free
• Minimizes emanation up to 60%, lubricates moving parts of combustion mechanism of your car
• 100% compatible with Petrol & Diesel cars & balances the low-quality fuel
• Enables your car to have a 95% shot at passing the smog test

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POLYTRON Gasoline-Diesel Fuel Conditioner (PDFC) will help you save fuel, equipment life, and cleans emissions, while giving you more power and torque. Up to 35% mpg improvement never came this easy! Mix ratio of only 0.1% by volume..

Polytron PDFC is today’s most technologically advanced, EPA-Registered, fuel conditioner, scientifically designed for much cleaner and more efficient fuel combustion. It also cleans and lubricates the working parts of the fuel system and the upper part of the engine. Polytron PDFC dissolves and removes carbon deposits and prevents future harmful carbon build-up. Polytron PDFC improves mileage, up to 35+%, and overall engine performance. Polytron PDFC cleans the entire fuel system, including injectors, intake valves, ports, valve seats, and combustion chamber. When used regularly, exhaust pollutants are reduced considerably, up to 60%. Polytron PDFC extends the effective life of diesel fuel held in storage tanks and can be used with any gasoline or diesel fuel.