Penetrating Lube Spray 100ml Aerosol


• Infiltrates the metal surfaces of your vehicle/two-wheeler separates rust and corrosion
• Removes wear & tear and greases as well as safeguards while infiltrating
• Allows your vehicle lesser maintenance and servicing frequencies
• Repels moisture, cleanses and disables electric erosion.
• Keeps your apparatus significantly cleaner, durable and smoother.
• Reduces power consumption, on-road temperature and noise.

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Polytron PL is the best all-purpose penetrating lubricant your money can buy. Application is endless and breaks loose, lubricates, and protects your seized or squeeky equipment.

POLYTRON PL contains POLYTRON MTC and is scientifically blended to be the most effective whenever rust, corrosion, or drag is a factor. POLYTRON PL not only penetrates through extreme rust and corrosion, but also treats the metal surface to reduce friction and eliminate wear. Use of this product provides for long lasting, smooth operation of any metal mechanism. Lasts up to 20 times longer than WD-40.