All Polytron Ultra-lubricant Products are proudly made in the USA with the most superior quality technology. Initially produced for the military and administration organizations as their super-secret lubricant, Polytron will beat any challenge because of its effective and exclusive oil innovation. Polytron lubricants are now available in India at Trafo Filter Services, so if you are keen on pursuing this immense business opportunity, contact for any dealership or bulk sales inquiry.

Here at Maha Polytron, we have committed to providing Polytron products, we are the only super-stockists, dealers & representatives of Polytron; therefore we ARE Polytron. Amidst the era of global-warming and dread of foreign oil-dependencies, it is our obligation as mankind to act and try to solve such issues in a practical manner. We are not only here to help resolve such issues, but we are also planning to compensate by giving fuel-saving Polytron items with a 100% inventory capacity by serving you with cutting-edge damage-removing lubrication.

Polytron gives you access to progressive ‘next generation’ lubrication. Innovation with a proven reputation of lessening unsafe fumes, emanations and expanding eco-friendliness.

Polytron can improve the effectiveness of your equipment and engine and drive train. Polytron permits increasingly complete fuel combustion, discharging more energy while decreasing harmful tailpipe emissions.

Our line of extensively tried and tested items can:

  • Help improve the quality of the air we consume
  • Reduce landfill and oil-based product waste
  • Reduce your vehicle's working and support costs
  • Protect your investment